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Puppy Sitter London

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Puppy Sitter London

So you’ve picked up your new puppy and taken them to their new home for the first time, what next? 

A home environment can be an exciting but also hazardous environment for puppies with all the leads, wires and various other things to chew around the place so it is worth making sure their environment is safe for them before you get them home. 

If you do need to leave them home alone, we would suggest using a crate (door left open) and a playpen around the crate with a puppy training pad or paper which gives them an area to walk around in and go to the toilet if needed.  It is a good idea to cover the crate with a blanket so that it feels more like a den and less like a cage.  If your puppy is under 14 weeks old, they will not have built up the muscle control yet to be able to wait to go to the toilet so do not shut the door to the crate before this, they will literally just have to go when ever they need including in their own bed.   Also make sure you leave a water bowl in there for them so they can have a drink when they need to.

Here is Rosie the puppy in her home set up:


Puppy Sitting London


We would recommend that you do not leave your puppy at home alone in the beginning so that you can monitor what they are up to and in turn, keep them safe and also offer them some human company so they do not get too lonely in their new environment.  

If you work full time and need help in the beginning with keeping your new fur baby safe, we offer hourly puppy sitters in London where a dedicated pet sitter will come and look after them in your own home, help with basic training and make sure they are safe from any hazards.   We can also offer you a puppy sitter in London in the evening and weekends if you need to be away from home then too or fancy a night out!

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What will you need for a new puppy?  Here is a checklist:

  1. Collar & Lead
  2. Crate, playpen and puppy toilet training pads
  3. Dog bed
  4. Food & water bowls
  5. Food, treats for rewards
  6. Grooming supllies
  7. Identification tag for collar
  8. Puppy toys

We will look into this list in greater detail in our next blog

Until next time!

Kacey & the Paws Galore Pet Sitting Team!