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Key Collection

It would be great if you could have a set of keys ready to give to your sitter at the initial free consultation.  We would be happy to come back to collect a set at a different time, however, you would be charged an £10 key collection fee for this service.

Key Drop

If you would like your keys dropped back to you outside of your final visit, there is a key drop fee of £10 for this service.


Key Safe Scheme

We offer a service where once we have collected your keys at the initial consultation, we hold onto them in a safe place, for future bookings.  That way, the next time you need a London Pet Sitter, you just call or email us with your dates and we are ready to go!

Your keys will be kept in a safe place and labelled with only your pet’s name, there will be no link to your address.


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Call us on: 020 7916 1420 or 07799 848677