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Do you need a reliable, vetted cat sitter in Chiswick?

Paws Galore Pet Sitters would be delighted to arrange for one of our reliable, trustworthy cat sitting team to care for your cat/s in your absence.  All of our Chiswick cat sitters are vetted, insured, police checked and are HUGH animal lovers! They look forward to spending as much time with your cat/s whilst you are away as needed.

We believe that your cat/s will be much more comfortable in their own surroundings in your absence, they are home-loving, territorial creatures so less likely to feel stress than if left in an environment with the sights, sounds and smells they are unfamiliar with.

All the essentials are included in all of our services such as feeding, refreshing water, scooping/emptying litter trays, playtime and of course giving your cat/s as much love as possible! Daily updates can also be provided if requested.

Please take a look below at the cat visiting and cat sitting services we provide to Chiswick and choose which option suits you and your cat/s best.

Which cat sitting service suits you best?

Standard Silver Package (20 minute visit)

One of our Chiswick Cat Sitters will come at the prearranged times and stay for 20 minutes.  In this time they will feed your cat, refresh water in their bowl, empty and clean the litter tray and give your cat all the love and affection they can during the visit.  They will also stack your mail in requested spot & empty bins if need.

£13 per visit

Deluxe Platinum Package (45 minute visit)

One of our Chiswick Cat Sitters will come at the prearranged times.  They will feed your cat, refresh water in their bowl, empty and clean the litter tray and give your cat lots of love and affection.  We will also water your plants for you, stack your mail in requested spot, empty bins and turn lights on or off to give your house that ‘occupied’ look if requested. You can also receive regular contact from us via emails with update reports if you wish.  We recommend this package if you are away for a longer period of time.  We know how much your pet will be missing its usual contact with you and we’ll be able to give them lots of attention as each Deluxe Platinum visit will last 45 minutes.

£17 per visit

Overnight Stay Package (8pm-8am)

One of our Chiswick Cat Sitters will move into your home for the duration of your absence.  They will be there from 8pm until 8am the following morning so your cat will have lots of company and cuddles!  They will be fed when the sitter arrives in the evening and then again in the morning when they leave.  This service also gives you the benefit of having your property occupied for half of the time you are away.

£40 per night


Need your cat sitter to administer medication?

If you need a cat sitter to administer medication to your cat in Chiswick, this can be arranged.  Please just let us know your individual needs when you contact us. 

To administer tablets there is a £2 charge unless they can be hidden in food, in which case there is no extra charge.

If insulin injections are required during any of these services, there is an additional £3 per injection.

If you have any questions regarding any of the cat sitter Chiswick services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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