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South London Cat Sitter

Thinking of getting a cat?

South London Cat Sitter

Are you thinking of getting a cat? 

If so, have you considered adoption?  Cat rescue centres are overflowing with cats that have ended up there for various reasons, usually through no fault of their own.  I have 2 rescue cats of my own (Charlie & Presley) who I adopted almost 10 years ago and I would suggest anyone looking for a new pet to check out their local pet rescue charity.  They will be fully fit and of had a good MOT before they are allowed to be adopted so you know that you will be getting a healthy cat.  You will be asked to make a donation to the animal charity to cover the costs involved with neutering and vaccinating them.


‘But I want a kitten’ I hear you cry!

Do not fear, rescue centres have an influx of kittens due to the kitten season which is late spring, early summer so you would have your pick.  I would always say 2 is better than 1, then can play and entertain each other, cuddle up together and just think of all of those photo opportunities you would get!  Cuteness overload!!!

The Cats Protection offer free advice if you are wanting to adopt a kitten or cat, click here for more info: 


What will my cat need?

Good question!  It is worth having the following ready before you collect your cat/s and bring them to their new home:

  • 1 food bowl, 1 water bowl – Remember to place them away from each other!
  • food & water – You can find out more about what to feed your cat at
  • A comfortable bed  of their own – Cats need a safe place to sleep and whatever you buy should be soft and warm.
  • An uncovered litter tray – Keep it far away from your cat’s food and water area too
  • Access to high spots – A place where they can view their surroundings. A simple cardboard box in a high place will do the trick.
  • A scratching post – Scratching is a natural part of cat’s behaviour and helps to keep claws trim.
  • A brush – Grooming is important, especially for long haired cats.
  • Toys – Cat toys are great for playtime and are essential in keeping indoor cats occupied. For boredom busters you can make at home, visit
  • Cat carrier – While you might not need it often, a carrier is the safest way to transport your cat, making it essential for trips to the vet. Choose something well ventilated and sturdy. 

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