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Dog Walker West London

Dog Walk Acton

If you are looking for a Dog Walker in West London, then we can help!

Paws Galore Pet Sitters would be delighted to arrange for one of our reliable, vetted, insured dog walkers West London to come and walk your dog/s whilst you are out at work or just can’t be there.  Please have a look below at the dog walking West London services we provide and choose which option suits you and your dog/s best.  If you have any questions regarding a dog walker in West London or any of the dog sitting West London services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our Dog Walking West London Services are based from your home.  One of our West London Dog Walkers will come and collect your dog/s and walk them for your desired amount of time, bringing them back to your home at the end.  We will of course make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water on its return and feed them if required.  We are happy to let your dog off lead once we have got to know them, and them us, this would require written consent from yourself first.  We can also leave a communication book in your property if you wish, a place where we can write updates of our walks for you to read when you get home that evening.  We offer solo dog walking West London services and group dog walking West London services.


Group Dog Walk Islington

Group Dog Walking West London

Your dog will be part of a group of up to 4 dogs.  For this service we would naturally need to introduce your dog to the group first and see how they all get along.  



Solo Dog Walker Islington

Solo Dog Walking West London 

For dogs that would need more attention from us during their hour walk ie: larger dogs, dogs that are not trained to walk on the lead, puppies or perhaps you would just prefer that your dog gets all the attention on their walk with us.

Prices can be found by clicking here: Prices




Paws Galore Pet Sitters always adhere to the ‘bag it and bin it’ policy.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and you must notify us if your dog has not been neutered.



Spaces have become available with our group dog walker in Chiswick.  We only ever take small groups of dogs, up to 4 at a time, collection is only ever on foot, we do not use vans to collect our clients dogs.  We can also provide a solo dog walker Chiswick if you and your dog prefer this option.  Please do get in touch with your personal requirements for a dog walker West London.

Use the Contact Us page to send us your requirements

Email us direct:

Call us on: 020 7916 1420 or 07799 848677