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Dog Sitter London

10 Reasons you should hire a Professional Pet Sitter in London

Dog Sitter London

Your plans are set. In a just a few weeks time you’ll be off on a 10-day holiday to see the family. Or perhaps you have splurged on a luxurious cruise. You spent a bundle and the last thing you feel like doing is shelling out more to hire a professional pet sitter. Surely getting the neighborhood teenager to check in once in a while will do the trick.

 Wrong! Leaving your pet and your home in the hands of someone who is less than reliable could not only be dangerous for your pet, it can leave your house vulnerable to all sorts of accidents. Below you’ll find ten reasons why a professional pet sitter is the way to go:  

  1.  Alternative Pet Care. A professional pet sitter does more than feed your animal. He or she will make sure it gets the exercise it needs on a daily basis. They also are skilled to give your pet any medication should the need arise. It’s important that they stay on their own diet.  This is for the health and safety of your pet.  
  2. Tailored Services to Your Needs. Each pet and each home is unique. With a Paws galore Pet Sitter you receive individualised care geared towards you and your pet’s needs.  We will tailor our services to you and your pet’s personal needs. We can combine any services for your needs  and our pet sitters follow your specific home and pet care instructions.
  3. Convenience. You never have to deal with transporting your pet. With the combination of home care and pet sitting services in one, you take care of two big chores at the same time. Two things less to worry about.
  4. Safety. You want to be sure your loved one will be kept safe. If, by chance, your pet should fall ill or have an accident, a pet sitter doesn’t hesitate to take your animal to your register vet or 24 hour emergency vet if needed . We will have your information on our admin form.
  5. Quality, Personal Care. Just like people, pets get lonely. A good pet sitter comes in and actually pays attention to your animal. That’s what they are paid for! You’ll come home to a happier animal as a result. Your animal almost feels like you never left!
  6. You Work Long Hours. Some pets just don’t do well left alone for long periods at a time. If you have a demanding job that requires you to work well into the evening, then getting a professional pet sitter will ensure your pet gets the exercise and attention it needs.
  7. Keeping Your Pet Healthy. They say in their own home and are not over exposed to unnecessary vacantions.  This eliminates exposure to illnesses from other animals
  8. Familiar environment.  Sleeping in a strange place, in a new bed or cage can be stressful for an animal. Hiring a pet sitter ensures your pet’s routine remains nearly the same. It gets to stay in the home it knows and loves.
  9. You Want to Keep Your Friends. Even the best of friends get tired of looking after your animal each time you leave town. And the more you ask, the more irritating it becomes. After awhile they won’t be putting much effort into the task. Best to leave the job to the professionals.
  10. Peace of Mind. You want to enjoy your vacation, not worry about the safety of your pet or if your house has been broken into. A pet sitter will collect your mail, change the lights, and make the place look lived in. At Paws Galore Pet Sitters we follow your specific house and pet care instructions, to the T. You will come back to a happy pet and a clean and tidy home.

So taking the time to find a trustworthy pet sitter will do more than keep your pet and home safe, it will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time away. If you work long hours or just take an occasional vacation, then getting a professional pet sitter ensures you return home to a healthy and happy pet.