Puppy Sitter London

Puppy Sitter London

Paws Galore Pet  Sitters are pleased to be able to offer you one of our vetted, police checked Pet Sitters to take care of your puppy/dog or cat when you can’t be there.   We can provide you with one of our Pet Sitters at an hourly rate (see below) so that you can be reassured that they are being kept entertained and content in your absence.  

Need an hourly Dog Sitter in London

Maybe you have to go out in the evening but do not want your dog left on it’s own if you have been out to work all day?  This is where we can step in to help.  One of our Dog Sitters in London will come to your property at the agreed time and will keep your furry friend entertained for the evening in the surroundings of their own home.  Taking them on their important toilet breaks when needed and giving them a comforting cuddle when needed.


Need an hourly Puppy Sitter in London?

Maybe you need someone to pop in during the day when you are out to work?  We offer a Puppy Sitter London service where one of our London Pet Sitters will come to your home and take care of your young puppy at the prearranged times. The time spent with your puppy can be made up of feeding, playing, short walks and companionship.  We will also help with basic training ie: toilet training, on lead walking and basic commands.  


We can help with Post Operative care too

Our hourly pet sitting service can also be used for post operative care for your pet.  We will come to your home and look after your pet after an operation, following your vets instructions very closely to ensure that they get all the attention they need to get through their healing process. 


Hourly Pet Sitting Services in your home

£17 per hour, minimum of a 2 hour booking.

Use the Contact Us page to send us your requirements

Email us direct: enquiries@pawsgalorepetsitters.com

Call us on: 020 7916 1420 or 07799 848677